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Eat More Plants

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Despite recent diet trends that promote eating more animal products while avoiding grains and numerous types of fruits and vegetables, the Global Burden of Disease Study mentioned above — which involved nearly 500 researchers from more than 300 institutions in 50 countries and examined nearly 100,000 data sources (18)— concluded that the top four foods we need to consume more of in order to reduce our overall risk of death are fruits, nuts/seeds, vegetables, and whole grains. (Unfortunately the researchers didn’t look at legume intake (10), which may be the most important dietary predictor of survival in older people from around the globe (19).)

All told, the GDBS calculated that roughly 1 in every 5 deaths worldwide could be potentially saved if human beings simply ate more of these unrefined plant foods (20).

Unsurprisingly, the same study concluded that processed meats including bacon, bologna, ham, and hot dogs — which are classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (21) — did not make the list of life-saving foods, and were found to be responsible for 800,000 deaths annually, four times more than those who die from illicit drug use (20).

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