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What's so great about changing how you eat?

We believe that it's really at the heart of changing your lifestyle and your approach to the world around you. When you change your diet to get your nutrients right from a natural source, your body responds in powerful ways. In fact, so does your mind. That’s a lot of what we are about here, although there’s more to the story. Taking the history of Western civilization in combination with Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine, we have joined onto the long-told story of human evolution, and the use of ancient wisdom in the modern age. 

High-Frequency Foods

Quantum biology and the search for high-frequency foods is an emerging field. It's not something that a lot of people know a lot about yet.

You can, and should, look it up on the Internet. One thing to understand is that high-frequency diet has to do with establishing those connections that we’re talking about where the mind and body react to getting a supply that's organic and free of contaminants.

Most people are a long way from that these days, as they swipe chips from a convenience store counter, or chow down on hot dogs and hamburgers and whatever is available at the drive-through.

Our solutions represent the opposite lifestyle, one that is pure and concentrated toward superior results.

Organic, Etc. Is a Way of Life

Our products are organic – they don't use ingredients that are farmed factory style or treated with crazy herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

Our products are gluten-free. Gluten can often be a source of irritation or low-grade illness for many people, and it tends to exist under the radar until it's finally diagnosed.

Our products are dairy-free – again, we refer to Genesis, where it talks about every herb and seed bearing plant, and not attaching cows to milking machines. Going back to the way that nourishment used to be is a journey – one that we want to take with you. 

Our products are non-GMO because genetically modified foods are an unproven minefield of strange science and low-quality caloric consumption. Again, there’s more to this, but if you’re at all familiar with GMO science, you’ll know where we come down on this issue. 

We could go on, but these are some of the major pillars of how we create our essential proteins. And they taste good, too! At Bodhi Beyond, let us help you to guide yourself toward healthy options and quality of life improvements you will enjoy, based on solid science. 

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