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Quality Protein: Intake and Output

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In the past, we’ve talked a lot about how our innovative proteins help people to build muscle, gain strength, and avoid various health problems associated with sluggish behavior and poor diet.

In some ways, though, the whole thing is a little broader. Simply put, by improving your input, you improve your output, too! At Bodhi Beyond, when we say “Ancient Science meets Modern Warrior,” that’s part of what we’re talking about. 

Garbage In, Garbage Out

You've probably heard that old phrase: “garbage in, garbage out,” shortened to the acronym GIGO. But that doesn't mean you really thought about what you eat on a daily basis. The ingredients of your daily meals make an enormous difference in your health and other outcomes too. They make a difference in what you choose to do throughout the day, and ultimately on your mobility and range of motion as well. Then those things affect your quality of life.

We don't always think that far out, but it's relatively easy to make small adjustments that improve your input. So that's another way to look at buying and using our protein products. “Good stuff in – good stuff out!”

Neural Networks and GIGO

It might seem like a stretch, but brand-new technologies coming our way also illustrate how this principle works.

The simplest way to describe cutting-edge neural networks is that they take in a variety of weighted inputs, run them through an activation function, and produce outputs. Scientists are trying to mirror the activity of the human brain. But maybe what we should be mirroring is the activity of the human body when it gets good dietary intake going.

We know that many of us suffer from sedentary lifestyles and poor diet. We know that food delivery is an issue, and that shelf storage plays a role. That's part of what's behind our business model – where we talk about ancient science for the modern warrior, and how to improve your health based on time-tested ideas about body science.

Another way to explain this is on our landing page: our proteins are based on Genesis 1:29 and “choosing every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit” – you are an energetic being! Do some basic research, and you’ll see the benefits that this kind of “input” (on an old analog model!) can provide to your body and your soul. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions and use the resources on our site for a long-term plan to boost your body’s capacity and health. 

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