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Getting Back to Natural

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In so many ways, we’ve fallen out of step with our natural world – our natural environment.

We've fallen into a range of digital and virtual abstractions based on money and numbers. So much of the media that we consume is digital. So much of what we do revolves around systems and models that have little or nothing to do with what's going on out there in nature. That’s potentially harmful to us, but we don’t often think about it. 

The Disconnect: Ignoring the Renewing Potential of Nature

This is a regrettable change. From the ways that we order our activities to the things that we buy and use, we’re inviting technology into our lives, many times without realizing what we're doing.

At BodhiBeyond, we’re all about offering alternatives for the physical human body to interact with its natural environment, not some processed form of nutrients that relies on factory processes for its creation. 

Our proteins are carefully crafted, with an organic and all-natural formulation and chemistry, so that you get purchases that nurture your natural side.

So often, people fall back on process alternatives because they feel like they’re a crutch that they can rely on. But you don't need that. When we talk about “ancient science meets the modern warrior,” we’re talking about your potential for change!

At BodhiBeyond, our products go back to that old line in Genesis about every seed-bearing plant – based on the eternal concept of natural purity. There are no GMOs. There's no dairy. There's nothing extra: no contaminants to get in between you and your connection to the earth, which will always be where we come from.

Whether you look at it in the context of the Judeo-Christian heritage or others in different regions of the world, you'll notice that there are core similarities in play. The sages of all times understand that the natural world is where us humans get our power. Take a look at the website to understand more about our commitment to helping you get back to connection with the natural world. You may not be able to completely untether from your smartphone, but you can find ways to move back toward traditional ways of living and thinking that will stand you in good stead throughout changing times. Find out more about our proteins with our FAQ and other resources on the site, and feel free to contact us to find out even more about how these products will help you to work toward your full potential. 

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