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Fueling Your Body With High Frequency Foods And Supplements

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Whether you are well into your journey to healthy living, or just starting out, understanding your body and providing it what it needs is imperative to your success. Exercise and healthy lifestyle habits are important factors in overall wellness, and what we consume and feed our bodies makes all the difference.

With the many diets and fads surrounding us today, it can be difficult to figure out what system our bodies will respond to the best. However, if we consider our bodies as organic machines, then it makes sense that they would thrive on premium fuel.

This idea of “premium fuel” means that by increasing the quality of foods and supplements we intake, we are giving our bodies exactly what they need to perform at their optimum. Going beyond just watching what you eat, choosing to eat “high frequency” foods can unleash your body’s full potential.

The term “high frequency food” may seem new, but in reality, thinking of food in terms of energy is rooted in ancient  science.  Energy is a collection of vibrational frequencies, and all things have their own level.  Sound frequencies vibrations are used to raise the energy of your body, and energy release through touch or movement can reduce pain. 

These are examples of some of the ways energy vibrations contribute to our lives, and in this vein, food can also be used to raise the energy of your body on a cellular level.  When something vibrates, it produces a wave of energy that emits a measurable frequency.  Vibrations can be seen, heard, and felt, transmitting energy all of the time.

Food has energetic vibration frequencies of its own, evident in its calories, which is the amount of energy that is needed to burn.  The energy of your body is directly dependent on the vibrational frequency of your cells, which in turn is largely dependent on the food you eat.

We have always known that fresh, unprocessed food is best for our health, this is because the frequency vibration of the food is at its highest under those circumstances.  A fresh fruit picked and eaten directly from the tree is at its highest energy frequency, this energy is then transferred to our body’s cells.

The frequency of food can be used to unleash the self healing capacity of your body, and naturally boost your energy levels. Choosing high frequency foods, as well as supplements derived from whole, natural, and high frequency foods, will increase your overall health and produce positive results to exercise.

When choosing to add supplements to your health routine, it is important to look for products made with quality ingredients. Bodhi Beyond has taken this process one step further and created supplements derived from natural, whole, and high frequency foods, though its scientific formulations.

Adding raw, fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits to your diet, and supplementing your diet with plant based high frequency food derived products, will give your body the premium fuel it needs to keep you fit, healthy, and happy.

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