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Fire, Water, Air and Earth – Why Elemental Science Still Informs Our Modern Warrior Practices

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At Bodhibeyond, we are about making some of the best principles of history available in the modern world.

In bringing our natural products to market and expanding our philosophy of natural energies and activities, we are contributing to a movement that seeks to improve human life by following ancient paths. How does that work? It works by identifying and honoring some of the science, and some of the culture, that supported earlier societies, some that were closer to the earth, and to creation. 

The Four Classical Elements

If you look at many kinds of ancient science, the four classical elements are prominent in analysis and implementation.

The following four elements are commonly found in ancient books and treatises, as well as in modern books that detail the history of our civilizations:

  • Air

  • Water

  • Earth

  • Fire

You might see these written out, or involved in a pictogram, in a historic book showing how ancient peoples used the concepts of the elements to gain wisdom and evolve their technologies. This is the kind of research that we are talking about in delving into ancient practices and using them to inform our own in key ways. 

Elemental Approaches

When we talk about modeling our business on the book of Genesis and on other sacred texts, we're talking about taking a slightly different elemental approach that's still founded on these types of natural science and philosophy.

Having protein powders and products that are free of modern contaminants gives people the choice to order their lives in a way that makes sense in light of ancient science and approaches to ancient wisdom.

To that end, we formulate without genetically modified organisms, and also without dairy products or other elements that don't fit that elemental picture of the ancient world. Our mission is ayurvedic plant protein that makes the grade – and satisfies not only the modern appetite, but the standard of the ancient world! Then there’s the power of ancient fungi: for example, PeakO2™ with its combination of six organic Ayurvedic mushroom strains…like Shiitake, Lion's Mane & Turkey Tail and others. 

Foragers, adventurers, thinkers of all kinds – these voyagers find our site, and they get engaged in a closer reading of the world around them, a world that, lest we forget, existed centuries before the Big Mac and the chicken nugget. Tap into that history through elevating what you put into your own body. You might be surprised where that takes you. 

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