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Ancient Science Meets Modern Warrior

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Do you care what goes into your body?

If so, you're going to love the unique formulation that Bodhi Beyond offers for bodybuilders and everyone else who can benefit from high-protein and high-calorie nutrition that's clean and pure, according to the ancient wisdom that we (as modern societies) have received from both Eastern and Western cultures. This isn’t just some average supplement. It’s nutrition brought down through the ages, one that rests on a long chain of human histories and oral traditions. It’s for real. 

Plant Biology and Nutrition

In basing our research on the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal and herbal traditions, we also pay attention to some of the wisdom of ancient Western cultures that leads to the same place – the use of natural plant-based food and medicine for powerful biological results. That’s why we reference Genesis 1:29 and what that means. 

The story of ancient wisdom applied to nutrition is, in a sense, the search for purity. Leading ourselves back to the simplest and most fundamental nutrition of the ancient world, we find that cutting out the modern impurities from our diets can give us new power and poise in terms of our holistic health.

For example, our Peak02 mushroom blend is grown on organic whole oats for a result that trims the contaminants and impurities from your daily dose of high-calorie protein powder, and that's good for before, during or after a workout.

The health benefit of this type of purity is broad. There are a lot of different ways that our customers use these products to enhance their daily lives.

Cutting Out Unnecessary Ingredients

Our products are organic and vegan. They are also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and importantly, non-GMO. By cutting out genetically modified organisms from your food chain, you're eliminating one of the more subtle ways that modern food is contaminating our biology. By cutting gluten, dairy, and soy, you're starting to return to the most basic fundamental building blocks that ancient nutrition offers. Before our modern agricultural system evolved, humans largely subsisted on plant-based food, and in some ways, their bodies were stronger as a result. That's not to downplay the value of modern science in terms of infection control and more, but understanding nutritional science well helps us to make better decisions about what we eat.

Take a look at the web to learn more about the context in which these Bodhi Beyond products work, and how they can help you to recraft your nutritional life.

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